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Henry Diaz Rodriguez

IEH Colombia



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Henry Diaz Rodriguez



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About Henry Diaz Rodriguez

Electronic Engineer, Magister Risk Management and Development Specialist in Political Science and International Relations with emphasis on Conflict Resolution and Master in International Relations © emphasis on International Cooperation and Project Management for Development. Studies and experience in community management and social management (management of public and private protection agencies of state security, emergencies, disasters, humanitarian action, Vulnerability Law, Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law, in the field), Specialist in Education and University teaching, Studies and research-oriented operations. Excellent interpersonal skills, listening skills, leadership, creating and organizing projects in work social networking and decision making, high sense of responsibility, recognized expertise in teaching and academic research, as knowledge in multilateral issues of system agencies of the United Nations, person with Disability.


· Adviser to generation, accreditation, renewal of registration and qualified high quality academic programs.

· Research, Protection, Security and Humanitarian Action

· 8 years in state security agencies

· 13 years in Teaching and Academic Research

· Knowledge in curricular skills

· Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

· Ability to integrate inter equipment after multidisciplinary · Ability to work in negotiation and crisis.

· Academic Par-Min CONACES education.

· Sphere Project ToT.

· Facilitator CHS Alliance in essential humanitarian Standard.


Institute of Humanitarian Studies United Nations. Bogotá, Colombia Member Node Bogotá 2008 – 2016 People’s Choice in civil society, academia and multilateral development partners, local, regional and global. Responsible for the general policy of the Institute, and members decisions, planning, development and implementation of annual plan and project impact.

ESING School of Military Engineers, Colombia Advisor Professor 2010-2016 Co-creator, qualified registration, registration renewal process as high quality for the Master’s program in Risk Management and Development, Professor

Module responsible Socio Economic Problems, National and International Strategies and Information Technology in the Masters.

ENAP School Naval Almirante Padilla, Colombia Professor 2015-2016 Lecturer Module Module Political Ideas and Crisis Management in the Master of Logistics Management.

Pilot University of Colombia, Colombia Research Professor 2004-2015 Head of social projection, planning, development and implementation of projects of degree, as different accreditation processes, pedagogy and Colombia University Professor, University Francisco José de Caldas, Military University new Granada and Manuela Beltran University Research Professor-Adviser 2004-2013 Planning, development and implementation of projects of degree, as different accreditation processes, pedagogy and Professor

Hospital E.S.E. Chapinero, Colombia 2000-2002 Board Member popular choice, Head of the General Policy Institute, decisions and members planning, development and implementation of the annual plan and project impact

District Human Rights Committee Bogotá, Colombia Member and Guest Permanent People’s Choice 2001-2004, Head of the General Policy Institute, decisions and planning, development and implementation of the annual plan impact on field action members.

Attorney General’s Office C.T.I. Several, Colombia Professional Technical and Research 1989-1996 Researcher and Head of different groups and technical and tactical units


Magister in Risk Management and Development School of Military Engineers, ESING Bogotá, 2011,

Magister in International Relations © M. Sc. Public Affairs Emphasis on International Cooperation and Project Management Development, Externado University of Colombia in agreement with Columbia University, School of International and Public Affairs and the Institut d’Etudes et de Recherches. A specialist in International Relations, Management Emphasis on Externado of Colombia ConflictosUniversidad in agreement with Columbia University, School of International and Public Affairs and the Institut d’Etudes et de Recherches Bogotá, 2009

-Specialist In University Teaching, Bogota Colombia University, 2006

-Electronic Engineer, Universidad Antonio Nariño Bogotá, 2000


· Book Rights of the Child, Forced Displacement in Colombia and Management

Disaster Risk Gaps and Opportunities. ISBN: 978-958-57863-5-6 First electronic edition: March 2014; Foundation for Children and Plan Foundation; Alliance for Childhood.

· Chapter IX Book A trip to Hellas: Landscapes of myth and reason. ISBN: 978- 958- 8957-33-3

· ISO 31000 Risk Management Section in Colombia. Avante magazine. Issue 38, 2011. ISSN: 1909-5163

· Education Strategy Paper. Academic production. Volume 1 and 2. ISBN: 2248- 7013. Co-compiler – Author of two chapters

· Article Modern technology and Inca technology. Magazine International Workshop. International Workshop Peru 2014 Issue 2 Year June 2 – 2014 ISSN: 2422-5096

· Best Teacher of the Year Manuela Beltran University.

· Research Project “The context of international business

Colombia “2010-2015

· Professor Director of graduation projects for eleven years

· Academic Adviser Registration Qualified Master of Risk Management and Development School of Military Engineers, Accreditation high quality program Architecture UGC, Registration Renewal qualified career Technology in Architectural UGC, Registration Renewal Qualified Program Telecommunications Engineering University Pilot of Colombia

· Project Magister Degree in Risk Management and Development “Crisis Room for risk management” Project Magister Degree in International Relations “Strategic use of telecommunications in Colombia’s internal armed conflict”

· Senior Project Specialist International Relations “The role of civil society in the Colombian conflict.”

· Project Education Specialist University Degree “Curricula competency in Architectural Technology program constructions”.

· Academic Alternative Energy Project in access to telecommunications in Equatorial country.

· Academic Project The role of telecommunications in international and local conflicts.

· Critical study on the technical and economic aspects of networks and used and implemented for telecommunications infrastructure technologies COMPARTEL program, taking into account the fulfillment of social objectives proposed by the Colombian government. phase II

· Academic Project Analysis Model for Business B2C characterization by e-Business in Colombia.

Creation and consolidation of multidisciplinary research group working Urbitron disaster emergency and humanitarian action, as academic projects under consideration for humanitarian community.

· Qualified and awarded by 8 years of the Technical Judicial Police (PTJ) at the National Bureau of Criminal Investigation, and the Technical Investigation Corps (CTI) of the Attorney General’s Office, in different units, specialties and regions Officer. Physical disability pensioner.

· Support for achieving the breakeven point in Chapinero E.S.E. Hospital after close proximity to institutional.

· Support the creation and consolidation of the District Committee for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law Personería Bogotá.

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