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  • Sphere online training package (English)
    Spanish 56.41 MB zip 2022
    The Sphere online training package includes materials and guidance for facilitating over 25 interactive online learning activities. It also contains guidance on how to run effective online Sphere workshops and courses, including pre-training preparations and post-training actions.

    This training package is designed for Sphere trainers by Sphere trainers.

    It is currently available in English and Spanish. Arabic and French versions will be released later this year.
  • Thematic sheet: Engaging National Disaster Management Authorities
    English 340.47 KB pdf 2022
    A guide for Sphere focal points and humanitarian advocates This Sphere thematic sheet (TS) explains how global humanitarian quality and accountability standards are relevant to national disaster responses. Its key learnings and messages are intended to help Sphere focal points and advocacy staff engaging with representatives of national disaster management authorities (NDMAs) on Sphere and other Humanitarian Standards Partnership (HSP) standards.
  • Sphere annual report 2021 (English only)
    English 268.59 KB pdf 2022

    By Sphere

    During 2021, Sphere continued to work with, for and through its network of members, focal points, trainers, donors and practitioners. Highlights include two new HSP partners; the first Sphere MOOC attended by over 900 people; new members and focal points; a major ToT programme in Mozambique; and many new resources including new products and new translations.
  • Sphere NDMA training pack
    Spanish 50.97 MB zip 2022
    This training pack is designed for Sphere trainers and focal points to support them when facilitating Sphere training for managerial and operational personnel of National Disaster Management Authorities (NDMAs). The package includes a detailed guide for trainers and supporting materials including PowerPoint slides, whiteboard templates, polls, and handouts for practical exercises. Three alternative sessions plans are suggested.

    This product is currently available in Spanish only.
  • Water in the Humanitarian Response, March 2021
    Portuguese 2021
    Sphere’s focal point in Brazil, the Fraternidade-Federação Humanitária Internacional (FFHI), is active in several shelters in Roraima state hosting migrants escaping dire economic conditions in neighbouring Venezuela. While sourcing a sufficient quantity of safe water to meet their drinking and domestic needs (Water supply standard 2.1) may be easier in this urban setting than in a desert, it is not without its challenges. Read the full article in Spanish, English or Portuguese.
  • Your Voice COUNTS - Feedback and complaints mechanisms - Program Guide for Oxfam in Latin America and the Caribbean
    English 1.35 MB pdf 2021
    This is a user-friendly version of Guía de Implementación de Mecanismos de Retroalimentación y Queja en Programas de Oxfam en la Región de Latinoamérica y el Caribe (Guideline for the Implementation of Feedback and Complaint Mechanisms in Oxfam Programs in Latin America and the Carribbean) (June 2020), written by Martin Villarroel García and Magdalena Medrano Velasco.
    User-friendly version written and coordinated by: Dalia Acosta Layout and design: D.I Annelis Milagros Noriega Guerra Collaboration (Diverse Plans chapter): Margrieth Nazarit Cortés and Angela Mazariegos Rodas.
    Oxfam thanks the country offices and colleagues in the region for their support in creating this proposal. This product received financial support from Oxfam Belgium. © Oxfam, 2020
  • The Sphere Challenge (training activity guide)
    English 1.66 MB pdf 2021
    The main objective of this activity is for participants to reinforce their familiarity with the structure and content of the Sphere handbook. The activity is a quiz where the course participants work in teams to devise questions for each other.
  • Sphere in Context and for Assessment, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning
    English 2.42 MB pdf 2021
    This resource explains why it is important to use Sphere standards throughout the humanitarian programme cycle, and how to do so. The document starts with a section on how to use humanitarian standards in your context. This is followed by standalone but complementary chapters for Assessment, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning.
  • Usando as Normas Esfera em Cenários Urbanos (Parte 2, 2020)
    Portuguese 2.17 MB pdf 2021
    A edição 2018 do Manual Esfera explicitamente incluiu, pela primeira vez, referências específicas a cenários urbanos. Este guia, a edição 2020 de Usando as Normas Esfera em Cenários Urbanos, amplia esse trabalho. Todos os elementos do Código de Conduta, da Carta Humanitária, dos Princípios de Proteção e da Norma Humanitária Essencial (NHE) são aplicáveis aos contextos urbanos.

    This guide is available in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, and Portuguese.

    Part 1 is available here.
  • The Humanitarian Standards Partnership (brochure)
    English 2.78 MB pdf 2021

    By Sphere

    This brochure presents the work and members of the Humanitarian Standards Partnership (HSP). The aims of the Partnership are to improve the quality and accountability of humanitarian action across all sectors and to promote a harmonised approach to support users in the application of standards.

    Updated in 2021 to include the CCCM cluster and the CHS Alliance as new members.