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  • ما هي المعايير الإنسانية؟ - فيديو اللوحة البيضاء
    الإنجليزية 248.99 MB mp4 2019 الخدمة: Sphere
    ما هي المعايير الإنسانية؟ كيف يتم تطويرها وتحديثها؟ ما سبب أهميتها للسكان المتضررين من الكوارث والأزمات؟ الهدف من هذا الفيديو، الذي أنتجه الأعضاء في الشراكة في المعايير الإنسانية، هو الإجابة عن هذه الأسئلة بطريقة مبسطة وفعالة. يتيح هذا الفيديو فرصة للتعرف على مبادرات المعايير السبع التي تشكل جوهر هذه الشراكة.
  • What makes International Standards interesting for National Disaster Management Authorities?
    الإنجليزية 1.54 MB pdf 2019 الخدمة: LSE
    This report, produced by a team of student consultants from the London School of Economics (LSE), examines the main opportunities and challenges for engaging with National Disaster Management Authorities (NDMAs) and looks at how best to enable and support NDMAs to adopt international standards and principles in their national emergency response.
  • Application form: ASSOCIATE MEMBERS
    الإنجليزية 352.21 KB pdf 2018 الخدمة:
    Sphere associate members include UN agencies, donor agencies, national disaster management agencies, standards development organisations, academic institutes, foundations or private sector entities.
  • Minimum standard for market analysis (MISMA) - الإنجليزية
    الإنجليزية 1.17 MB pdf 2018 الخدمة: CaLP
    The objective of the Minimum Standard for Market Analysis (MISMA) is to guide the work of humanitarian practitioners across sectors and to ensure that, irrespective of the tool used, the key standard of market analysis is being met.
  • CaLP Facilitator's Space - Download and Discuss
    الإنجليزية 2018 الخدمة:
    This community is a space for facilitators and trainers to access and download Cash Learning Partnership (CaLP) face to face training materials, share experiences and feedback on courses, ask questions about delivery and session plans, and to get the latest updates for CaLP course materials.
    The Market Assessment Tools Training (MATT) - added in 2018 - is a 5-day (with field work included, 3.5-day without) course which covers a range of market assessment tools such as RAM, MAG, EMMA, and MSMA, and helps learners to understand when and how to use different tools.
  • Application form: FULL MEMBERS
    الإنجليزية 368.72 KB pdf 2018 الخدمة:
    Sphere full members include Non- Governmental Organisations (NGOs), NGO networks or members of the Red Cross / Red Crescent Movement.
  • معايير اإلدماج اإلنساني لكبار ّ السن واألشخاص من ذوي اإلعاقة
    الفرنسية 1.46 MB pdf 2018 الخدمة: ADCAP
    The Humanitarian inclusion standards for older people and people with disabilities provide humanitarian organisations with inclusion standards to ensure older people and people with disabilities are not marginalised in emergency responses.
  • Sphere Handbook 2018 - Translation guidelines
    الإنجليزية 2018 الخدمة:
    Guidelines for translation, production, printing, distribution and dissemination of the Sphere Handbook 2018 edition. Sphere encourages trusted organizations from its network to coordinate the translation of each new edition of the Handbook into their local language, and to arrange for publishing, printing, launch, promotion, distribution and dissemination of the translated version in their country or region. If you are interested to be the translation coordinator for your local language, then this guide is written for you, and we look forward to working with you.
  • Application form: INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS
    الإنجليزية 210.93 KB pdf 2018 الخدمة:
    Sphere individual members are persons with a strong commitment for furthering the vision of Sphere.
  • نبذة عامة
    الأسبانية 3.54 MB pdf 2018 الخدمة: Sphere
    The main publication of Esper, the Sphere Handbook, is one of the most widely recognized and universally recognized sets of common principles and minimum standards in the humanitarian response.